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Top Race® Remote Control Racer, RC Monster Truck 4WD

rc monstertruckRemote controlled cars and radio controlled cars, also known as RC cars, are usually battery powered and, by way of a transmitter, controlled from a distance. In both cases, there are both on-road and off-road vehicles available to buy from various manufacturers. Off-road models can be used on different types of terrain, whereas on-road cars must only be used on paved, even surfaces. Whilst there are many different things to think about before you buy your first RC car, choosing between off-road and on-road car or truck is a big consideration.

If and when you are ready to buy a remote controlled car or truck, look no further than RC Cars. RC Cars design and manufacture a huge variety of high-quality and robust range of cars to suit every taste or design specification. If you are searching for an off-road, remote controlled vehicle, then the RC off-road, high-speed monster truck is what you’re looking for.

All RC Cars are suitable to race both indoors and outdoors. Why not create your very own obstacle course indoors, or take it outdoors for a muddy challenge? The RC Monster Truck 4WD is perfect for off-roading. Its strong, oversized, anti-skid tyres make it perfect for use in all weathers, with no dip in performance. These tyres are made from thick rubber, ensuring it is hard-wearing and easy to drive on stony or gritty surfaces. The RC Monster Truck has a great amount of detail and power, ramping up a fair bit of speed once it gets going! It comes with a strong, anti-collision structure as well as four-wheel drive. This makes it a joy to drive on any terrain or surface, with no concerns about crashes or bumps! The RC Monster Truck 4WD has a 2.4G transmitter.

The RC Monster Truck 4WD comes supplied with the four AA Batteries needed, as well as the two AA Batteries for the 2.4G Transmitter. It has a control distance of 150 feet and, at its highest speed, reaches around 15mph. It weighs 1.3 kilogrammes and measures 30.5 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm.

Made an amazing video of your RC Monster Truck 4WD crashing, driving or rolling around your home or garden? Then RC Cars are keen to see it! Videos can be uploaded to their various social media sites and will always be met with a warm reception.


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