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RC Autobot Transform Remote Control Toy

RC AutobotRemote controlled helicopters are still one of the most popular hobbies and toys around, so it should come as no surprise that children are keen to get in on the action too! If you are looking for a new, high-quality RC helicopter for your child as a gift or as a first step into the plethora of RC toys and products, then look no further than the RC Autobot Transform Remote Control Toy! A brand new product, this is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

With fantastic colours and an intricate yet sturdy design, the Autobot Transform helicopter is certain to be a hit. Built to a high standard and carefully designed, the helicopter is strong enough to resist bumps, thumps or sudden drops. The RC Autobot Helicopter is designed for children’s use but built to last. However, there is more to this helicopter than meets the eye! Not only is it a fully controlled RC helicopter, at the press of the simple one-key deformation remote control, it instantly transforms into a robot and back again, ensuring hours of fun and sparking children’s imagination. The bright blue and black colours, along with gold touches here and there, create a great contract, presenting an eye-catching toy that simply shouts to be picked up and played with. As it takes to the skies, the helicopter plays battle music as it prepares for a fight. Using it as a robot? Then the fantastic robotic sounds will really bring it to life! The dynamic sounds make playing with and flying the RC Autobot Helicopter a fantastic, all-round experience.

The RC helicopter is also great fun to fly, with its simple controls making it easy for any child to master. The Autobot Transform Remote Control Toy can turn left and right and move backwards and forwards. Show off your skill by mastering the 360-degree horizontal spins! For a toy RC helicopter, it has high speed and even boasts a drifting action, in both helicopter and robot modes.
The RC Autobot Transform Remote Control Toy has a 2.4 GHz remote and also features a rechargeable battery. This ensures its longevity as well as showing off its adaptability. Why not use it as part of an RC set, or play with it alongside other toys? It would make a fantastic addition to any child’s collection or a fantastic introduction to the world of RC toys.

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